Kumichou Musume to Sewagakari (Episode 12) – [END]

The Yakuza’s Guide to Babysitting has come to an end! And while this anime had its ups and downs, I did enjoy all the heartwarming moments we got to spend with Yaeka and Kirishima! This episode was no exception: It was cute, it was wholesome and it ended on a positive note! In the first half, both Yaeka and Kirishima were invited to Aoi’s house to meet his daughter Hina. This was also the perfect opportunity for Yaeka to learn more about Kirishima’s past, since Aoi bragged about having lots of old pictures of her babysitter! 😆

How cute! Yaeka is spending time with Aoi’s wife and their daughter

Aoi has a really nice family! And Koki really likes Yaeka, he “flirted” with her once again (to his father’s despair). 😆 I bet he’ll grow up into quite the heartbreaker in the future. One of the highlights of the episode had to be the cuteness of baby Yaeka from Kirishima’s flashbacks! It surprised me just how bossy she acted with him! Her tiny, smug face was priceless! And the way Kirishima tried so hard to not upset Yaeka or make her cry! I love seeing these two play together! They were so adorable!

Probably my favorite scene from episode 12
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Fall 2022 – What I’m Watching

Summer 2022 is in the past and Fall is right around the corner! There are so many anime that I want to watch this season, it’s actually crazy! Which means I’m also having a hard time deciding which series I want to blog about. But that’s a task for future me. Present me is very excited and just wants to share her most anticipated anime for the upcoming Fall 2022 season. My list is in no particular order:

Chainsaw Man

Start Date: Oct 12, 2022

Genres: Shounen, Action, Adventure, Gore

Studio: MAPPA

My thoughts: I haven’t read the manga yet but I’m curious to see what the hype is all about. Even though the trailer looked good. I’m not blown away by it yet. But hey, I like to be proven wrong from time to time. As for right now, Chainsaw Man is just another shounen anime for me.

Spy x Family Part 2

Start Date: Oct 1, 2022

Genres: Action, Comedy, Shounen

Studio: Wit Studio, CloverWorks

My thoughts: I’m so excited for part 2 of Spy x Family! And I’ll most likely going to continue blogging about it. I love this series! I miss Anya’s shenanigans and I can’t wait to finally meet Bond! The trailer was cute, especially the scene where the Forgers were walking together in their cold weather attire. They looked so adorable!

Blue Lock

Start Date: Oct 9, 2022

Genres: Sports, Shounen

Studio: 8bit

My thoughts: You might not know this about me but I’m actually a big fan of football (soccer). Even though I have a team that I support for over 15 years now, I still haven’t watched a single anime about football. 😅 After reading the synopsis for Blue Lock, it seems to be like a battle royale- type of sports anime. And I’m here for it!

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Kumichou Musume to Sewagakari (Episode 11)

What happened to this anime? And why did they turn Kirishima into a suicidal, broken man in less than an episode? I am so confused. Were they trying to be dramatic or something? Because to me, it just proves (once again) that Japan still doesn’t understand how mental health works and what depression really looks like. I know that “The Yakuza’s Guide to Babysitting” is not the most realistic anime ever created but I do expect some common sense when they tackle serious topics such as suicide.

Probably the only good thing about this episode: Yaeka is awake and she is doing ok

The boss had to punch Kirishima to get him back to his senses. He also told him that he needs to stop what he’s doing because now he’s Yaeka’s babysitter and that he should leave the whole “The Demon of Sakuragi” thing in the past. They both went back to the hospital to check on Yaeka. And she she was so happy to see Kirishima there! Days later, Yaeka arrives home and begins working on the homework she’s missed since she was hospitalized. She tells Kirishima that she wants to see the fireworks, so he organizes a private party:

Everyone was hanging out and having fun together

However, Kirishima was acting strange the whole time and was not paying attention to the party. The next day, Sugihara receives a strange text from Kirishima telling him to take care of Yaeka from now on. Apparently Kirishima spoke to the Boss and told him that he wanted to quit the Yakuza because of the trouble he had caused them. The Boss and Sugihara had decided to keep this a secret from Yaeka, they instead told her that Kirishima is taking a break and that he’s on vacation.

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JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure Part 6: Stone Ocean (Part 2) (Episode 12) – [END]

Episode 12 marks the end of Stone Ocean Part 2! And what a crazy ride this was! I don’t know how many of my followers are actually watching Jojo but thanks for putting up with me in these past 2 weeks! 😆 I had a blast talking about every episode and I would gladly do it all over again if I had to. Now that that’s out of the way, let’s see if Jolyne was able to escape Miu Miu’s Stand and leave the prison, shall we? At the start of the episode Jolyne still had a hard time focusing. On her quest to find Emporio, she is closely followed by Miu Miu as well as a couple of prison guards.

Jolyne and Emporio: Two amnesiacs in a loop

Jolyne finds the staircase leading to Emporio’s room and she enters it. She sees Emporio and rescues him from the electrocution loop. There we find out that Miu Miu’s real name is Miuccia Miuller and she is actually a head guard in charge of the visiting room. Emporio and Jolyne were trying to figure out a way to combat Miu Miu’s Jail House Lock, when the female guard enters the room and starts shooting several bullets to overwhelm Jolyne. She was able to deflect the bullets because she managed to memorize all the bullets by looking at their reflection on the puddle. Miu Miu then gets scared and escapes Emporio’s room.

I love it when the color scheme changes during fights
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JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure Part 6: Stone Ocean (Part 2) (Episode 11)

Trouble keeps following Jolyne, as she is now back in prison. Because of the incidents that happened at the Punishment Ward, security has become tighter than ever at Green Dolphin Street Prison. To the point where even staff members are allowed to carry guns now. This makes it more difficult to navigate the prison, especially for someone like Emporio. And Jolyne has no one to rely on, except him. (Anasui and Ermes are still injured and Weather Report refuses to leave his cell for some reason). It seems Jolyne has read Jotaro’s memory DISC and she plans to go after Pucci and stop him. Now speaking of Pucci:

He has a new look now
He also has a Joestar birthmark on his neck

Pucci has left Green Dolphin Street Prison to follow the next step to DIO’s plan. He needs to go to a specific location (North latitude 28° 24′, West longitude 80° 36′) and wait for the new moon to appear. In other news, Emporio was trusted with Jotaro’s DISC and he is quite against Jolyne’s plan to escape the prison. He believes she should wait because there are still many powerful Stand users left and they are preventing other users from escaping the prison. Unfortunately he was right and Jolyne’s plans are put on hold when a new antagonist makes her first appearance and messes with our heroine:

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