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Slow Loop (Episode 02)

In this episode we get to meet Koi, who is Hiyori’s childhood friend. She often helps her family with their fishing gear store. She knows a lot about the art of fishing because Koi’s dad is also obsessed with fishing. In fact, he is so obsessed that he named her “Koi” (after the fish he had caught on the day she was born). But her mother was against that name, so she used the Kanji for “love” instead. And it’s still funny! πŸ˜† But that’s not all, her father didn’t even bother to go to the hospital when his wife was in labor. He went fishing instead and came to see her 5 hours later. Poor Koi! πŸ˜† No wonder she likes to boss him around now!

Both Hiyori’s father and Koi’s dad used to fish together. Hiyori would also join them but Koi wasn’t interested that much in fishing. She confessed that she prefers to buy fish instead of catching one herself. But she remembers how Hiyori used to be shy when she was little, and would often not speak to people. Koi was like her translator. She’s happy now seeing her interact with people more openly and she’s also glad that Hiyori is getting along well with her new sister. They both looked so cute when they were little! Koharu on the other hand, is quite jealous of Koi and their close relationship.

Koharu feels a little bit left out and Hiyori decides to cheer her up. So she takes her to a place that is very special to her heart. When Hiyori was little, her dad used to take her on a trip to the lighthouse. She was scared of heights but her father was there for her and gave her courage. It’s a bittersweet memory and Koharu was touched by her gesture. She was very happy to find out more about Hiyori’s past and she also appreciated that her sister wanted to open up to her. The next day, they all decided to go on their first fishing trip together! With the help of Koi’s dad, the girls are ready to start their adventure! πŸ˜„

Koharu is starting to get the hang of it but she still has a lot to learn about fishing! I’m at the same level as her but I did enjoy all the technical explanation. She didn’t catch anything this time but she did find out more about Koi and her friendship with Hiyori. Koi was getting a little envious too, because of how fast Koharu was able to befriend Hiyori. She felt regret for not knowing how to communicate with her after her father died. I hope she knows that sometimes you don’t have to say anything. Just being there for your friend is more than enough. This was such a heartwarming episode! ☺️ I loved it and I will continue watching!

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Platinum End (Episode 14)

The Metropoliman arc is finally over! Hallelujah! While I’m happy to see that piece of shit dead, I can’t help but feel a little bitter knowing that Mukaido, (which was the best character in my opinion) has also died. And yes, it was expected since he had terminal cancer and all that. But who is going to save this anime now? The boy with the Trump mask? Now that would be interesting! πŸ˜† Anyway, episode 14 was quite the dramatic one! And I get what they wanted to achieve here, but there was one scene where I laughed so hard, I had to pause the episode! 🀣 Now I understand why there’s a “comedy” tag for “Platinum End”.

It was right at the beginning of the episode, Mirai and Metropoliman were “fighting” and Mirai out of a sudden said something like: “I don’t believe you’re the real Metropoliman” and Kanade responds with: “Yes, I am, what are you talking about?” and stops to think for a moment and goes: “Fine!” πŸ™„ while he begins to take off his helmet, in front of everyone. I swear, I feel like I’m watching a parody. 🀣 Then both Saki and Mirai manage to restrain Metropoliman while the REAL hero, Mukaido, was able to fulfill his wish. He managed to gather all his remaining strength and gave the final blow to the white haired-wannabe God.

RIP Nanato Mukaido! We will never forget you! The scene at the hospital was quite sad. It must be hard for his pregnant wife to deal with all of this, she has to raise two children alone. But at least she knows now that her husband was a hero and despite his feeble body and health, he had fought until the end and sacrificed his own life to save both his family and the world. The scene where the last feather fell on his daughter was extremely sad but so very well done! And you all know how I like to make fun of this series but sometimes I have to give credit where credit’s due. So good job at making me feel emotions, “Platinum End”!

Now about the kid with the Trump mask, he’s most likely the new main antagonist. Although he seemed to cheer for Mirai in his last battle with Metropoliman, so I might have some doubts now. Who really knows at this point? But I do have a feeling he was the one who shot Metropoliman with the Red Arrow. I wonder how he managed to do that? Or if that was part of the plan? He seems like such a brat so far. And I secretly hope he will give Mirai and Saki a hard time in the future. πŸ˜† Maybe next time, we will get a new OP/ED, now that both Metropoliman and Mukaido are dead. Only 10 episodes left!

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Hakozume: Kouban Joshi no Gyakushuu (Episode 02)

In episode 2, the girls are dealing with some serious and dark topics like: sexual abuse, child prostitution and domestic violence. A new character was also introduced, her name is Miwa Makitaka and she handles the majority of the paperwork for the Criminal Affairs Division. We got to witness just how important the attention to detail is when you’re working as a police officer. It’s up for Kawai and Fuji to solve cases and make the neighborhood a better place for everyone, especially young women, who are the most vulnerable.

In the first half, the girls found a runaway 16-year old girl who was actually a prostitute. Nothing out of ordinary here, it’s definitely not the first time for someone like Fuji but for Kawai, this case turned out to be quite the hassle. πŸ˜… Her lack of experience (both in the police field as well as her personal life) and the teenager’s (way superior) sex knowledge had put her in a awkward situation. The plot twist came when the girl felt safe enough to confess the real reason why she had run away from home. Her step father used to rape her many times without her mother knowing. Thank God, her mother divorced him in the end.

This series is like a breath of fresh air. I like the way this anime manages to incorporate humor and sarcasm when dealing with such serious topics. The second half was also great. We got to meet Miwa, a quiet girl trying her hardest to fit in. This segment explores just how difficult it is for a woman to work in a field dominated by men. Miwa did her best and stood her ground when a sexist man tried to downplay her authority just because of her gender. He was put in his place by Yakuza looking guy from Criminal Affairs πŸ˜† And that alone has changed her perception regarding the men she works with. Yes, not all men are assholes.

Some men are creepy, some men are dangerous but at the end of the day, not all men are the same. While sexism is still alive and well, at least the men from the Criminal Affairs Division are there for Miwa. But no matter how scary they might look, they aren’t a match for Fuji, who isn’t afraid to roast them every time she gets the chance! πŸ˜† She is hilarious! Fuji is my favorite character so far and I can’t wait to see more of her! Now I understand why Kawai didn’t want to quit anymore after meeting her! She is so awesome!

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Koroshi Ai (Episode 01)

What’s this? A new Josei anime? With a potential Yandere male lead? Sign me up! πŸ˜† The first episode of Koroshi Ai (Love of Kill) starts off strong! We are introduced to Chateau Dankworth, a bounty hunter who’s after Song Ryang-Ha’s head, who himself is also a very skilled assassin. Their first encounter has quite an unexpected outcome, instead of fighting each other to death, Song Ryang-Ha starts flirting with her and ends up asking for her phone number! πŸ˜† I can already tell I’m going to enjoy this.

I absolutely love their chemistry so far! Chateau seems to be your typical Kuudere while Song Ryang-ha is a quite the pushy stalker, doing everything in his power to get Chateau to notice him. He offers her a “trade offer” disguised as a date and Chateau surprisingly goes along with it. Shortly after, Song Ryang-ha starts helping her by catching her current targets and torturing them for her. And yes, he did all this for a Christmas date with Chateau! πŸ˜† This is definitely the beginning of a really interesting relationship!

Two other characters were introduced also, one of them being Chateau’s boss who is really protective of her. He had warned her of Song Ryang-ha and how dangerous he is but he had no idea she is in contact with him (that is until their Christmas date). Jim on the other hand, is quite an unusual character. He is in charge of accounting and speaks in a unique way but most importantly, he doesn’t seem to have a mouth. What’s the deal about that? We don’t know yet but he is quite the character, one of the most memorable for sure! πŸ˜…

Song and Chateau’s Christmas date was not really a date since Chateau was not interested in him. The fancy hotel room he had booked wasn’t enough to impress her either. But Song is not giving up that easily, he is still very interested in her for some reason. There were also some interesting flashbacks, it seems Chateau had quite an intriguing past but everything is still a mystery. Judging by the OP/ED, I think Song and Chateau might have met each other as children? I don’t know, but I can’t wait for more episodes! 😁

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Slow Loop (Episode 01)

If you’re looking for a heartwarming, slice of life anime this chilly Winter, then “Slow Loop” is perfect for you! One episode was enough for me to fall in love with the adorable cast! And while I might not know anything about fishing, I’m very willing to learn more about the sport from Hiyori, a young girl who loves fishing because of her father. He used to take her with him as they both loved to fish together all the time. Sadly he had passed away because of a terrible disease and now her mother is getting remarried soon. Hiyori is quite nervous to meet her new father and sister, so she decides to fish for a while, to clear her mind.

And because fate works in mysterious ways, she happens to meet a strange girl named Koharu, who wanted to dive in the cold sea in March! πŸ˜† She is quite energetic, despite her past asthma problems. Sadly, she didn’t get to experience the outside world since she used to be in hospital a lot when she was younger. The two girls instantly bond despite their different personalities. Hiyori even offered to give Koharu a quick fishing lesson. And Koharu seemed really excited to learn, even though she was a very clumsy beginner.πŸ˜† In the end, they were able to catch a few fish together. Hiyori even made some fresh rock-fish sashimi on the spot, for both of them. Koharu was very impressed!

Later that evening, Hiyori went to meet her new father and sister, which happens to be Koharu! What a coincidence! Soon after, they all move in together as Hiyori starts a new life with her new family. But change is complicated and sometimes it’s hard to let go of the past. Because of this, It was quite difficult for Hiyori to see Koharu move into her father’s room. But as she got to know her more, she felt more comfortable with the idea. I’m really liking their backstory so far, including their own hardships and struggles, I hope they will continue expanding on that. Of course I don’t mind seeing more fishing tips also. See you next time!