SPY×FAMILY (Episode 06)

I can’t believe we’re already halfway through Season 1 of SPY×FAMILY! This week’s episode was so entertaining! Anya looked so adorable in her new uniform, as she prepares for the School Entrance Ceremony! And she got really scared when her seamstress warned the Forgers about the possible kidnappers and the awful bullies at Eden Academy. Unfortunately some punks did try to kidnap Anya later in the episode but Yor was there to protect her! Those fools didn’t stand a chance against the Thorn Princess!

Twilight’s Handler, Sylvia Sherwood gives him the details for Phase Two of “Operation Strix”

The next phase of Loid’s mission is to get Anya to become an “Imperial Scholar” so she can get into a party (which Desmond usually attends to). But since Anya is far from being the smartest student there, Loid also has a backup plan: he got her into the same class as Desmond’s second son, Damian. He wants Anya to befriend Damian so that Loid could get closer to Desmond. It seems simple enough but we all know how unpredictable Anya really is. This mission isn’t going to be easy! Loid’s going to need a lot of patience! 😅

Anya, Becky and Damian, the jerk

It’s time for Anya to meet her new classmates! Damian is a bratty kid who thinks he’s above everyone because of his father’s position. I laughed so hard when he believed Anya had a crush on him! Becky on the other hand, seems to have a love-hate relationship with Anya. I wonder if they’ll become best friends in the future? I hope they will both team up against Damian and put him in his place! I mean it was only day one but Anya had enough of his bullshit already and punched him so hard, he started crying! 😆

Thanks to Yor’s training, Anya wrecked the bratty kid!

Go Anya! 🥊 It looks like Yor’s self defense lesson with Anya has paid off! The bad news is that Anya got her first Tonitrus Bolt because of this incident! Tonitrus Bolts are “demerits that are given to students who have shown poor grades or misconduct, earning eight results in immediate expulsion”. Will Anya be able to fit in? I can’t wait to see what happens in the next episode! This is going to be fun! 😄

Poor Loid! It’s only day 1 and his new mission isn’t going too well!

But don’t go away just yet! Here are some of my favorite Anya reactions from episode 6. Enjoy!

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I fell in love with “Revolutionary Girl Utena” and it is now My #1 Favorite Anime of All-Time

I used to hate the question: “What’s your favorite anime?” because it’s was impossible for me to pick just one series. But that was until last week, when I finished watching Revolutionary Girl Utena for the first time! And what an experience that was! So what can I say about this masterpiece that people haven’t already said? Well, first of all, I believe no review will ever be able to do this series justice, so just ignore them completely. Revolutionary Girl Utena is one of those anime where you have to experience it for yourself at least once!

Utena Tenjou is a tomboyish girl who lives to emulate the prince figure from her childhood.

I can’t remember the last time an anime (or any types of media in general) had made me feel so many emotions, as much as Revolutionary Girl Utena did. This is a coming-of-age story like no other and I’m happy I had the opportunity to experience this amazing series! I’m a little mad at myself for not watching it sooner, but at the same time, I was way too young when it first aired. I was around 6 years old at that time and there’s no way in hell I would be able to understand anything anyway. So better late than never, I guess?

Anthy Himemiya is a mysterious and shy girl who plays the role of “The Rose Bride” in duels

Everything about Revolutionary Girl Utena is so complex and intriguing that is difficult for me to even find the right words to perfectly describe my thoughts about it. The attention to detail is out of this world! The amount of symbolism is just INSANE and I’m not going to pretend I’ve 100% decoded it all, but I think I understood at least 80% of it so far. I mean, I’m still searching for answers and interpretations even now. Whoever said Revolutionary Girl Utena is like Neon Genesis Evangelion for girls, didn’t lie! 🤭

“You can rescue a princess but not free her”

If I had to describe Revolutionary Girl Utena in a few words, I would probably say this series is: innocent, vulgar, obscene, pure, evil, funny, sad, tragic, corrupt, vicious, absurd, over the top, classy, cheesy, sexual, disturbing, realistic, charming, Maybe one day I will be able to express my love for this story better. Until then I’m just going to say that Revolutionary Girl Utena is the best anime I’ve ever seen in my entire life!

SPY×FAMILY (Episode 05)

What a fun, action-packed episode this was! We got a glimpse of Loid’s awesome spy skills, as he got involved in a quest to “save” Princess Anya from the “bad guys”! 😆 But before that, we should probably congratulate Anya for getting accepted into the Academy! It was stressful since luck wasn’t on their side when she landed 1st on the waiting list. But thank God someone ended up withdrawing because Yor was willing to go to the extreme by threatening/killing someone in order to get Anya into the Academy! 😆

Anya got in! Now it’s time to celebrate and relax!

As a gift, Anya convinced Loid to “spy play” with her some scenes from her favorite tv show! With the help of Franky, they even managed to find a similar looking castle for “Princess” Anya to play in! Money was no problem because the cost wasn’t handled by Loid’s agency! 😆 Not only that, they even got a lot of agents to pitch in and help entertain Princess Anya also! The agents didn’t even question anything, they were all fans of agent Twiligh so seeing him “in action” was almost like a dream come true for them! 😆

Princess Anya and Franky are having so much fun!

It’s hard to say “no” to Anya but Loid (or should I say Loidman) is spoiling her just like a real father would! He felt so embarrassed doing all the silly/childish things for Anya in front of the agents but he kept going for her sake! How cute! ☺️ One of my favorite scenes had to be the fight between Loidman and Yor-ticia the Witch! Yor was actually very drunk from celebrating Anya’s success, but she still had the moves and kept Loid on his toes. It was extra funny because she took the fight very seriously, making Loid quite scared of her. 😆

Drunk Yor is still a badass.

But Yor-ticia the Witch didn’t last long because the alcohol made her pass out! 😆 And just like that, Loidman managed to save the day and the princess! So cute! Now I have to say, Loid was so cool in this episode! And Princess Anya was even more adorable than regular Anya! ☺️ It’s sweet how Loid went out of his way to make her wish come true like this! He is such a good father! I loved the scene in the balcony with the two of them and the stunning fireworks! Can’t wait to see Anya on her first day at school!

SPY×FAMILY (Episode 04)

Look! Anya is pointing at the title

After days of planning and rehearsing, the Forger Family is finally attending the interview for the prestigious Eden Academy! And since they’re going to be judged from the moment they enter the gate, the trio had to be on their best behavior no matter the circumstances! As expected, there were some crazy obstacles along the way (both planned and unplanned) like a hoard of animals appearing out of nowhere and terrorizing everyone there 😅 but that’s nothing out of ordinary when you’re a Forger. They can handle anything!

“Mr. Elegant”, “Mr Asshole” and “Mr Kind”

I loved the interview portion. Housemaster Henry Henderson was already a fan of Loid and was intrigued by the whole family since he studied their every move ever since they’ve arrived. The interview went smoothly and even though they were a fake family the answers were very sincere and came from the heart. When asked, Anya even gave her “parents” the highest marks! ☺️ But there was one interviewer there who acted like a jerk because of envy. His own wife and child had left him and he couldn’t stand to see others happy.

Poor Anya! She looked traumatized

The low life asked an orphan child who she likes more: her dead mother or her current mother? No wonder Anya started crying. Loid tried so hard not to punch him in the face, so he smashed the table instead. 😆 I loved what he said: “If it’s your educational philosophy to disregard the feelings of children, then it looks like I’ve chosen the wrong school.” And they left shortly after that. Loid might have compromised his own mission by acting like that but he did the right thing by leaving the interview!

So cute! I want what they’re having!

At home, Loid was feeling quite pessimistic after what happened at the Academy but Anya and Yor decided to cheer him up and remind him that there’s still hope! Anya still had a chance to get accepted since the other two interviewers were very supportive and nice to them. Loid decided to stop worrying, at least for a while, but then out of nowhere, the family portrait fell (which is usually not a good sign). I hope nothing bad happens to them in next episode! I don’t want to see Anya cry again. 😟

“Kawaii Hito” or how beauty is in the eye of the beholder

“Kawaii Hito” might look like a horror manga but I assure you there’s nothing scary about it (unless you’re scared of getting diabetes that is).😆 Looks can be deceiving. I think we already know that by now, well this manga is just another example! “Kawaii Hito” is a simple story about a 27 year old guy named Hanazono who works at a family-owned flower shop with his mother. He has scary facial expressions that tend to often frighten his customers. 😆 Well, all customers except one: a beautiful girl named Suzuki.

Some might say Suzuki is the opposite of Hanazono in terms of looks, but that didn’t bother her because she actually fell in love with him at first sight! Suzuki then started to visit the flower shop quite often and it didn’t take long for her to confess to Hanazono! He also thought she was adorable and amazing too, so they started dating right away! Aww! ☺️ Mind you, this happened only in the first couple of pages! It’s so refreshing to read a shoujo manga like this, where the two main characters are dating from the start.

What I loved the most about the story was the lack of unnecessary drama: there were no love triangles and no petty misunderstandings either. I get tired of seeing the same things in shoujo manga. And while I do admit some tropes are great when they’re done right, it gets boring sometimes. Anyway,I also liked how we experienced the story from Hanazono’s point of view. He’s extremely adorable, considerate and just really sweet, which again is rare for a male shoujo lead! I really think “Kawaii Hito” is like a breath of fresh air.

Now for my verdict: If you’re looking for something cute and fluffy to read, then this is for you! The comedy is surprisingly good, it was well balanced and it really fit the story. I loved Hanazono’s facial expression and I don’t think he’s scary at all! While this is a charming series, don’t expect anything new or revolutionary about it. The ending felt quite abrupt and it could have been done way better but it didn’t bother me that much. I gave it a solid 7 out of 10 but I still do recommend “Kawaii Hito” to all shoujo fans out there! 😊