Mieruko-chan (Episode 09)

This would have been the perfect Halloween episode. I really had fun watching it, especially the second half. And I actually laughed out loud for once. It was the scene where Miko was trying to escape a ghost who was in the school’s bathroom. She was trying to ignore it, pretending to look for a stall with toilet paper and found Yuria eating on the toilet 😅 I didn’t expect that and it really made me laugh. Poor Yuria, she was probably eating there because she didn’t have any friends at school. But in the end Miko had invited Yuria to eat lunch with her and Hana. Sadly we didn’t learn anything new about their creepy substitute teacher. This episode seemed like a filler but I can’t really complain about that, it was really enjoyable to watch.

Because Hana had a never ending appetite and Miko wanted to face her fears, the trio decided to go to a “haunted house” and get some free donuts (but only if they are brave enough to escape it). Now that I think about it, that would actually be such a fun Halloween event for a fast food chain. Anyway, they went there and things were very chill, that is until the “western” scary movie villains appear and started chasing the three girls. Miko was not really impressed at first but Yuria and Hana were very scared and they were screaming and shouting. Then Miko had an epiphany, the scary monsters in the haunted house weren’t really and she had no reason to stop herself from reacting to them. She “was allowed” to get scared and scream!

It was a really touching moment. Miko felt free for the first time, the tension was gone, she was enjoying herself for the first time in a while. It made me happy to see how excited she was to scream and run away from the people dressed in scary costumes. This was like therapy for her. Miko really needed some time off, I was quite worried for her mental health a few episodes ago. I can’t imagine seeing those evil spirits everywhere I go. It’s like living in a nightmare you can’t wake up from. But who knew a visit at a haunted house could turn into such a heartwarming experience? It was exactly what Miko needed. ☺️

But of course the fun had to stop when an actual evil spirit showed up. Miko took advantage of the situation and shouted really loud: “Leave me alone!”. Everyone got really confused, including the evil spirit who stopped for a moment and wondered if she was talking to it or not. 😆 I’m really proud of Miko, she was really brave and she faced her fears like a pro in the haunted house. This was easily one of the most enjoyable episode this season. Hopefully next week we will find out more about their new substitute teacher. Is he really a cat killer? Or is he followed by evil spirits also? Hmm..

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