JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure Part 6: Stone Ocean (Episode 02)

Prison life is tough for Jolyne. “Green Dolphin Street Prison” is full of weird people and finding someone to trust here feels like an impossible task. Inmates are not very friendly to newbies but that’s quite normal for a prison. Jolyne is a smart girl and knows how to adapt. She manages to escape a lot of sticky situations and she truly is a fighter. I also think Jolyne makes the best decisions when she’s under pressure. In this episode we finally got to see her Stand: “Stone Free” in action. Even though she doesn’t know much about her new powers, Jolyne manages to control her Stand and beat the crap out of her opponent with ease.

In the beginning of the episode we are introduced to Gwess “Guess” who is Jolyne’s cellmate. Something about her was so unsettling. She reminded me a lot of Cioccolata from part 5, she even has some of his mannerisms. Gwess seemed kind at first but she is actually quite unstable. Gwess got hold of Jolyne’s pendant (she said Hermes sold it to her) and because of this, she got her own Stand: “Goo Goo Dolls”. She can shrink the size of selected targets (within her range) to the size of a mouse. Gwess loves making people that she shrinks dress in tiny animal corpses and make them act like pets. And if they don’t cooperate, her personality changes and she is ready to kill them if she thinks that’s necessary.

Gwess used her Stand on Jolyne and she made her wear a dead mouse “costume”. She wanted Jolyne to act like her pet and she demanded her to say cute things and squeal like a real mouse too. (I lost it when Gwess started singing “Jolene” by Dolly Parton) 🤣 Despite the constant humiliation Gwess got Jolyne in a lot of trouble with the prison guards while she made her run around the prison. Gwess probably didn’t know the limits of her abilities or maybe she had ill intentions from the start but because of her, Jolyne almost got killed. Luckily that awful experience was enough to fully awaken Jolyne’s own Stand: “Stone Free”.

What happened next reminded me of Jotaro’s fight with Steely Dan. Jotaro was also in a sticky situation with him and he couldn’t actually fight back like he wanted to. But in the end Steely Dan got one of the most brutal beatings from Jotaro in the history of Part 3. It was epic and memorable. The same happened here. Jolyne didn’t hold back and beat the hell out of Gwess. Like father, like daughter, I guess. 🤣 She was such a badass! This fight was enough for Gwess to change her attitude towards Jolyne and left her alone. One thing’s for sure, you don’t mess with Jolyne Cujoh! 🤭

Here is Goo Goo Dolls’ Stand-Card-thingy. It has very similar abilities to Formaggio’s “Little Feet” from Part 5.

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