Kumichou Musume to Sewagakari (Episode 07)

Turns out Masaya is all bark and no bite. Can’t say I’m surprised since this anime is mostly wholesome and we hardly see any violence. But that doesn’t mean it can’t turn dark later. After all, Mashiro is still lurking in the shadows and is closely “observing” Kirishima’s steps. Overall Masaya didn’t add anything new to the plot, but thanks to him, we’ve learned more about Kirishima’s past. Him, Rei and Masaya formed a trio of school outcasts. But Kirishima wasn’t that friendly to Masaya at the beginning. 😶

Rei stopped Kirishima from almost killing Masaya back in middle school
Kirishima beat up Masaya with a rock and left him a scar

Masaya held a grudge against Kirishima ever since middle school. That’s why he said he wanted to kill him in the last episode. When Masaya got face to face with Kirishima, he was afraid to make the first move, so instead he kept taunting him until Kirishima almost reverted to his old self. But thanks to Yaeka’s presence, he was able to hold back. Masaya reminded him of his old self and all the the nasty crimes he did. I think Kirishima is starting to feel remorse and is not ready to face the sins he committed just yet.

Sugihara can be just as scary as Kirishima!

In the second half of the episode, the spotlight was on Sugihara! Because Kirishima had to take care of Yaeka, he trusted Sugihara with his job and went there as his replacement. The guy he meet (President Kono) underestimated Sugihara and thought he can be easily tricked. But Sugihara was perfectly capable of handling things on his own! Kono tried to get to him by saying how Sugihara is only living in Kirishima’s shadow but he didn’t seemed bothered by that! On the contrary, Sugihara really admires Kirishima!

Sugihara proved that he’s not just a gag character and I’m all for it!

Sugihara had a rough life, he used to be a shoplifter before he joined the Sakuragi Group. He was a troubled kid with no purpose in life and he used to steal things only because he got praised for his skills by other fellow shoplifters. That was until he met Kirishima. Sugihara stole an expensive cup from an antique shop that was under the Sakuragi Group’s protection. Kirishima found out and ordered him to make him tea in that cup before he would “teach him a lesson”. Sugihara was sure he was going to die but that wasn’t the case!

Kirishima loved Sugihara’s tea and praised him for it

Kirishima’s gesture really touched Sugihara. He felt appreciated for the very first time in his life! Since his own family had already disowned him, he had nowhere to go so he begged Kirishima to let him work under him and the Sakuragi Group. And the rest is history!

Kirishima also made Sugihara apologize and return the stolen item
Yaeka’s drawing is adorable!!! They are indeed best friends!
Mashiro is always lurking

Looks like Mashiro was behind the incident with President Kono and he said he was gathering data involving Kirishima and the people close to him. I don’t know what this guy is planning but he seems to be the most dangerous of them all, so far. I can see Mashiro kidnapping Yaeka in the future but I don’t want that. It’s way too predictable. 😅 That’s all from me, see you next time and thanks for reading! ❤️

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