Kumichou Musume to Sewagakari (Episode 12) – [END]

The Yakuza’s Guide to Babysitting has come to an end! And while this anime had its ups and downs, I did enjoy all the heartwarming moments we got to spend with Yaeka and Kirishima! This episode was no exception: It was cute, it was wholesome and it ended on a positive note! In the first half, both Yaeka and Kirishima were invited to Aoi’s house to meet his daughter Hina. This was also the perfect opportunity for Yaeka to learn more about Kirishima’s past, since Aoi bragged about having lots of old pictures of her babysitter! 😆

How cute! Yaeka is spending time with Aoi’s wife and their daughter

Aoi has a really nice family! And Koki really likes Yaeka, he “flirted” with her once again (to his father’s despair). 😆 I bet he’ll grow up into quite the heartbreaker in the future. One of the highlights of the episode had to be the cuteness of baby Yaeka from Kirishima’s flashbacks! It surprised me just how bossy she acted with him! Her tiny, smug face was priceless! And the way Kirishima tried so hard to not upset Yaeka or make her cry! I love seeing these two play together! They were so adorable!

Probably my favorite scene from episode 12
Flower shopping with Kirishima and Yaeka

In the second half, Kirishima helped Yaeka pick some flowers for her mother. Sadly, she is still in hospital and her condition is probably the same as it was at the start of the series. Kirishima got distracted after he saw a pot filled with Kalanchoe flowers. The plants hold some bittersweet memories since they reminded him of his parents. They had picked the Kalanchoe flowers before his birth, with the hope that they would both be there for him. They wanted Kirishima to become a strong and happy person and make lots of fun memories with the people he cherishes.

Kirishima and his mom

As he grew up, he started to resent the flowers (and their meaning) because of his parents’ deaths. Deep down, Kirishima believes he’s not a good person and therefore he doesn’t deserve love, nor kindness. He is still haunted by his dark past but thanks to Yaeka, he now realizes that he can do better and be better. (I wish we knew this before episode 11, because now it makes sense why Kirishima was thinking of suicide back then). Yaeka encourages Kirishima to buy the Kalanchoe flowers and to give them to his mother.

Kirishima at his parents’ grave

The scene at the cemetery was really touching! Kirishima’s now ready to move on and become a better person for both him and for Yaeka! That was a nice and uplifting ending! Now we don’t know the probability of a second season but the last episode of The Yakuza’s Guide to Babysitting had left us with quite a few unanswered questions: How did Kirishima’s parents actually die? The boss was hiding some documents from Yaeka, what were they? Mashiro continues to observe Kirishima yet we still don’t know who he is and why is he so obsessed with him? I also wish we got to see Yaeka’s mom wake up, but I do hope she will get better one day and reunite with everyone! Thanks for reading, everyone! See you all very soon! Take care! ❤️

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