SPY×FAMILY (Part 2) (Episode 05)

Anya’s quest to impress Damian is still ongoing. This time, she had come up with a new plan. For this, she asked Loid to take another family photo together to included Bond also. Anya thinks Damian will be impressed after seeing the photo and ask her to see her new dog and spend time together. However, the plan failed because Damian didn’t even bother to look at the photo that Anya had “accidentally dropped” in front of him. Instead, Becky found it and instantly fell in love with Loid. 😆

It’s time for arts and crafts with our favorite elegant teacher, Henry Henderson!

The kids had to make various 3D models of animals. At first Damian wasn’t really interested but when the teacher mentioned that their projects will be judged and rewarded, he quickly changed his mind and started getting motivated to participate in crafting and impress his dad. Things got complicated for Damian when he found out he was in the same group as Anya. Now his plan to create a griffin (that represents his family’s crest) is not looking too great. That’s because Anya’s crafting skills are something else:

This is supposed to be Bond 😆

I’m surprised Damian accepted Anya’s help to begin with and started collaborating together. Of course it all ended in a disaster because Anya wasn’t exactly following Damian’s instructions and she started implementing her own ideas using her wacky imagination. Because of this, Becky now thinks Anya has a crush on Damian. Speaking of Becky, I had to include her 3D model of Loid! They were supposed to make animals but she managed to bend the rules saying that humans are animals too! We can’t argue with facts now, can’t we? 😆

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