SPY×FAMILY (Part 2) (Episode 06)

It’s almost time for Anya’s first midterm exams and the pressure is on! We already know that studying is one of her weaknesses but that’s not all. At first, Anya was planning to use her powers to read Damian’s mind and copy his answers. But she had no idea that the midterm exams were scheduled on the day of a new moon. Why is that important? Well, apparently Anya loses her telepathic abilities whenever there’s a new moon. Which means she will be unable to cheat during these exams. Poor Anya! 😆

Damian mimicking Anya’s smug “heh” face was priceless

The top two students in each subject will receive a Stella Star, while the students who fail will receive a Tonitrus Bolt for each failed exam. Realistically, Anya has no chance at attaining a Stella Star this time around, but she has to try her best at avoiding getting any Tonitrus Bolts. It’s easier said than done when she has trouble concentrating and not even Loid can help her with studying. Luckily, Yor offered to aid Anya as she called her brother Yuri to come over and tutor her.

Anya meeting her siscon uncle for the first time

Are we going to see some uncle and niece bonding time? Well, sort of. We all know Yuri hates Loid too much to give Anya a chance. 😅 She attempted to read his mind and was overwhelmed by his thoughts about Yor, LOL.But she quickly realizes that the best way to get on Yuri’s good side is to make everything about his sister. The two start studying together but not without hitting some roadblocks here and there. And I have to say, as much of a siscon Yuri is, it was adorable seeing him try his best at tutoring Yor when they were little.

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