SPY×FAMILY (Part 2) (Episode 08)

In this episode, Anya had to prepare a report for social studies about a profession that interests her. Basically, all the students had to do a “job investigation” that included interviewing their parents as well as observing them at work. This project was a big deal since every student had to present it to the whole class. So as soon as she got home, Anya asked Yor for help with her report. And it didn’t take long for Yor’s imagination to run wild as she was daydreaming about taking Anya with her to an assassin mission. 😆

The fact that Anya actually saw all of this because she was reading Yor’s mind is both terrifying and funny

I love how Yor totally forgot that she had a normal day job too! Bless her! 😆 After getting traumatized, Anya decides that it’s better for her to ask Loid for help! He agrees and he takes Anya to work with him at the Berlint General Hospital, Anya transformed into “Anya Holmes” for a day and followed Loid around as she interviewed him the whole time! I absolutely loved how she was taking notes about what Loid was thinking about his spy job instead of when he was talking about his “real job”. 🤭

Everyone at Berlint General Hospital loves Anya!

I really thought Loid lied about being a psychiatrist and just spent his days doing spy stuff. I guess it makes more sense to have a real day to day job in order to look less suspicious. My favorite scene was when Anya asked Loid about the hardest part of his job and he told her that sometimes it’s difficult to treat people because psychiatrists cannot read people’s minds. And Anya’s smirk after hearing that was everything! 😆 Soon after, Loid is visited by his WISE colleagues and leaves Anya to play in his consultation room.

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