SPY×FAMILY (Part 2) (Episode 09)

It looks like Yor has a new rival! Her name is Fiona Frost and she is one of WISE’s agents that goes by the codename “Nightfall”. Everyone believes she is an emotionless and ruthless person but they couldn’t be more wrong. Fiona actually has a big secret: she has a huge crush on agent Twilight! She believes she could have done more for Operation Strix and thinks of herself as the superior partner to Loid. They say “all is fair in love and war” and Fiona’s actions are no exception:

Fiona is interrogating Yor and is trying really hard to make her feel insecure

Fiona wants to make Yor abandon the role of Loid’s wife as soon as possible. She keeps planting some awful ideas in her head like Loid frequently complaining about Yor at work? And at this point, Fiona’s nothing more than the female version of Yuri. Boring! 😒 Not only that but I’m willing to bet that Fiona and Yuri will become a couple by the end of the series. It’s so predictable! Anyway, back to episode 9:

Loid arrives home and starts engaging in a code-like conversation with Fiona

Fiona tells Loid that he needs to review his tactics regarding Operation Strix because of the lack of progress but Loid tells her to not interfere. And thanks to Anya’s power, we get to see glimpses of Fiona’s fantasies, I mean thoughts. 😅 When I said Fiona is the female version of Yuri, I wasn’t exaggerating. Her infatuation with Loid actually made Anya speechless. And I don’t blame her. 😆 Here are some example:

So cheesy
Anya if Fiona was her mother

After seeing all of that, Anya will definitely not allow Fiona to be her replacement mother. That’s for sure! 😆 So she tries really hard to show Fiona just how much she appreciates Yor.

Anya even calls her “the best mother in the whole world”. Aww!

Yor is so moved by Anya’s words and tells Loid that she will try even harder to be a better mom but Loid tells her that she is already doing enough and that Anya loves her a lot. Take that, Fiona! 😆 Fiona might have lost the battle but not the war. At least that’s what she thinks. She goes home without an umbrella and Loid chases her. She tells him about their new mission and they part ways. Even though Fiona is sad, she is determined even more now to show him just how capable she is. She still hopes that Loid realizes she is the only one fit to be his wife. Oh, boy. 😅

Anya’s adventures with Penguin part 2!

Jealousy seemed to play a big part in today’s episode. During this next short segment, we got to see Bond getting jealous over Anya’s favorite penguin plush.

Outside of the door, Bond glares at the penguin.
Anya wakes up the next morning to find her penguin ripped apart.
She yells at Bond that she hates him,
Yor said she will fix up Anya’s penguin, but the penguin ended up looking even worse 😆
While Loid fixes up the penguin, Bond walks into the room holding a bag of peanuts as an apology. Anya decides to forgive Bond.
In the end, the dog and the penguin shake hands on a peace treaty. So cute!

And the episode ends here! As you can tell, I’m not a fan of Fiona Frost. I just think it’s way too early for a “love” triangle. Not to mention we haven’t seen any lovey dovey scenes between Loid and Yor to justify adding a love rival in the mix. But hey, what do I know? Judging by the preview, Fiona will be here next week also. Great. 😅 Thanks for reading! And see you all next time! ❤️

2 thoughts on “SPY×FAMILY (Part 2) (Episode 09)

  1. The last part with Bond’s attack on poor agent Penguin was pretty darn cute! Agent Penguin has had it pretty rough, first they get chewed up by Bond, then they get a botched surgery thanks to Yor, then they finally get patched up by Loid, but not with out some scars. The life of a secret agent stuffed penguin is tough!

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