SPY×FAMILY (Part 2) (Episode 13) – [END]

Eden Academy is hosting a once every half term get-together for all the Imperial Scholars! And it’s a big deal because Donovan Desmond himself is attending! This is the perfect opportunity for Loid to finally meet him. However, because of this event, the school security has tightened, making it difficult for agent Twilight to infiltrate. He has no choice but to disguise himself as a professor to enter the campus. Meanwhile, Anya is confronting Damian about his father and proceeds to read his thoughts:

Anya encourages Damian to stop being a chicken and face his own father

Shortly after, Anya hears Loid’s thoughts and gets excited, sadly she was not able to find him. On the other hand, Loid is now frustrated that Anya and Damian are not getting along. But he does appreciate Anya’s efforts and that’s really cute! Now Loid begins to follow Damian in case he decides to meet with Donovan. Shortly after, Damian begins to get nervous about meeting his father, but when he remembers the encouraging words from Anya, he gets the courage to go through with it and see his dad. Aww! How cute! 😌 Then Loid appears and asks Damian and his friends if they have seen Anya’s sheep keychain (which Loid has made a replica of and planted it there himself).

Loid bows to Damian and asks for forgiveness for Anya’s behavior on the first day of school

He tells Damian that he would also like to apologize to his parents in person. And the trimming is more than perfect because at that moment, Donovan arrives:

Finally! Loid comes face-to-face with Donovan!
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Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

‘Tis the season! Ho, ho, ho! Wishing you all a wonderful and cozy Christmas! This is not going to be a lengthy post, I just wanted to stop by and spread some holiday cheer! I hope you’re all doing ok and enjoying your time with your friends and family! And before I go, here’s one of my favorite Christmassy anime songs (sort of). This wonderful gem is from Nichijou.

Merry Christmas and a happy holiday season! Stay safe and take care! ❤️🎅

JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure Part 6: Stone Ocean (Part 3) (Episode 14) – [END]

All good things must come to an end. And JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: Stone Ocean is no exception! It’s hard to say goodbye to the original Joestar bloodline, especially since the ending was very bittersweet (at least in my opinion), I know people have different theories and I will share my own interpretation at the end of this post. But until then, let’s continue from where we left off last time: Emporio is now back in prison, outside the visiting room, on the day he met Jolyne, However, when he peeks inside:

Emporio sees two imitations of Jolyne and Jotaro in the visiting room. Yikes! 😆

Pucci appears and tells Emporio that they are back in November 30, 2011 and explains that time did not rewind but accelerated and they both went beyond the end of the universe. He also said that the original souls of Jolyne, Jotaro, Anasui, and Ermes do not exist in this universe because they all died before the Made in Heaven reset. Not only that, but now everyone’s fates are predetermined too, which is what Pucci always wanted. And it’s all thanks to the power of Made in Heaven.

The priest now wants to kill Emporio
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SPY×FAMILY (Part 2) (Episode 12)

It seems Yor is still anxious about her role as a wife in Loid’s fake marriage arrangement. She is almost sure that Loid will soon replace her with Fiona and that alone puts her in a depressed state. Because of this, rumors of adultery start to spread and Loid notices this. He is concerned that Yuri might find out and call the SSS on him! 😆 Loid is now determined to clear up all the misunderstandings about his relationship with Fiona to Yor. So what does he do? He arranges a date and Yor!

And it didn’t take long for Yor to get herself drunk and spouts her insecurities to Loid

However, the drunk version of Yor is a lot more outspoken and immediately asks Loid if he is in love with Fiona, demanding an answer. Loid tries to explain that he and Fiona have a strictly professional relationship, but Yor does not listen to him. She talks about how she is a bad wife and is not pretty like Fiona. Loid quickly realizes that Yor has been jealous all this time and she holds romantic feelings for him. He takes advantage of the situation, attempting a honey trap on Yor using his Twilight charm on her.

However, Yor kicks Loid because she was surprised (and embarrassed) by his sudden advances

Loid tried to act unaffected by Yor’s kick but he starts to wobble really bad after. 😆 He takes Yor’s gesture as a sign of rejection and he now belies that she doesn’t have any romantic feeling for him. Then Yor starts apologizing but Loid begins feeling dizzy and ends up fainting. While unconscious, he hears a lullaby his mother sang to him when he was young. When he wakes up, he finds himself resting his head on Yor’s lap. Loid assures Yor she is an incredible mother and has no intention to replace her, making Yor cry tears of joy.

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JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure Part 6: Stone Ocean (Part 3) (Episode 13)

The time has come for us to swim together in the ocean of pain and suffering! I hope you are ready! 🥲 Continuing where we left off last time, Pucci was trying to kill everyone because he believed Jolyne and the others were unfit for the future he had envisioned with Made In Heaven. While they were on the rooftop, Emporio uses his “ghost room gun” and Ermes’ Kiss sticker to fly them away from the priest. Anasui tells Emporio to change their direction so that they can reach the ocean, in order to track Pucci better.

Jolyne and the gang are now in the ocean, waiting for Pucci to attack

Anasui comes up with a plan, he wants Pucci to attack him first, so Jotaro can stop time and finish the priest off. The fact that everyone was hesitant except Jotaro is very funny. Especially since Anasui said that if he’s lucky to live through this, then he can finally marry. And the best part? Jolyne heard and she didn’t reject him, leaving both Anasui and Jotaro quite shocked. 🤭 However, they start noticing that time has began accelerating even faster now. Pucci appears and he bloodily punches straight through Anasui’s chest

Nooooo! Pucci is so evil!

After Jotaro stops time, he finds out that Pucci used Stone Free to kill Anasui and had thrown knives at Jolyne (just as Dio did to him before in Part 3). Jotaro is horrified. Instead of killing the priest, he is now forced to save his own daughter. With Anasui dead and everyone at a severe disadvantage, Ermes attempts to attack however, in a split second, Pucci tears her and Jotaro apart.

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