JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure Part 6: Stone Ocean (Part 3) (Episode 05)

The adventure continues as Jolyne attempts to escape through the plane’s emergency exit. However, Versus gets her trapped in the memory of a jet fighter who also crashed in the area. Jolyne uses her string to grab a radio from a policeman who has been investigating the hole in the hospital. Luckily, she somehow manages to rejoin the passenger plane with Ermes. She calls Emporio and tries to explain the whole situation. In order to help them, Emporio uses his ghost computer to look for the seats of the crash’s only two survivors.

Emporio to the rescue!

Versus had a rough childhood and that made him a bitter and hateful person. He’s starting to think that Pucci might be using him and believes he has the right to acquire DIO’s ability, instead of the priest. So he digs out a memory of Pucci and steals Weather Report’s memory disc from him. When Ermes and Jolyne arrive at the seats of the only passengers that survived the crash, Versus brings down some sick children from the hospital to force them to choose between saving themselves or the kids.

Poor kids!

The plane crashes. But Ermes and Jolyne were able to save everyone! How? With the help of their Stands’ abilities, they were able to hide themselves and the children inside the bodies of the surviving passengers! After that, Stone Free ties up Versus and hangs him by his feet, preventing him from using his Stand. The funny things about this? Pucci is right there next to him and he just doesn’t care enough to save him! 🤭

Payback time!

Cornered with no way to escape, Versus becomes desperate and uses his Stand to go find Weather Report and give him back his memories. Soon after, several rainbows start appearing and Pucci is now freaking out. Weather is now a changed man, having become extremely aggressive, which leaves Anasui extremely confused.

Weather Report got his memories back!

And the episode ends with this massive cliffhanger! I’m curious to find out more about Weather Report’s past and his relationship with Pucci. That’s it from me. Thanks for reading! See you all soon! ❤️

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