SPY×FAMILY (Part 2) (Episode 13) – [END]

Eden Academy is hosting a once every half term get-together for all the Imperial Scholars! And it’s a big deal because Donovan Desmond himself is attending! This is the perfect opportunity for Loid to finally meet him. However, because of this event, the school security has tightened, making it difficult for agent Twilight to infiltrate. He has no choice but to disguise himself as a professor to enter the campus. Meanwhile, Anya is confronting Damian about his father and proceeds to read his thoughts:

Anya encourages Damian to stop being a chicken and face his own father

Shortly after, Anya hears Loid’s thoughts and gets excited, sadly she was not able to find him. On the other hand, Loid is now frustrated that Anya and Damian are not getting along. But he does appreciate Anya’s efforts and that’s really cute! Now Loid begins to follow Damian in case he decides to meet with Donovan. Shortly after, Damian begins to get nervous about meeting his father, but when he remembers the encouraging words from Anya, he gets the courage to go through with it and see his dad. Aww! How cute! 😌 Then Loid appears and asks Damian and his friends if they have seen Anya’s sheep keychain (which Loid has made a replica of and planted it there himself).

Loid bows to Damian and asks for forgiveness for Anya’s behavior on the first day of school

He tells Damian that he would also like to apologize to his parents in person. And the trimming is more than perfect because at that moment, Donovan arrives:

Finally! Loid comes face-to-face with Donovan!
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SPY×FAMILY (Part 2) (Episode 12)

It seems Yor is still anxious about her role as a wife in Loid’s fake marriage arrangement. She is almost sure that Loid will soon replace her with Fiona and that alone puts her in a depressed state. Because of this, rumors of adultery start to spread and Loid notices this. He is concerned that Yuri might find out and call the SSS on him! 😆 Loid is now determined to clear up all the misunderstandings about his relationship with Fiona to Yor. So what does he do? He arranges a date and Yor!

And it didn’t take long for Yor to get herself drunk and spouts her insecurities to Loid

However, the drunk version of Yor is a lot more outspoken and immediately asks Loid if he is in love with Fiona, demanding an answer. Loid tries to explain that he and Fiona have a strictly professional relationship, but Yor does not listen to him. She talks about how she is a bad wife and is not pretty like Fiona. Loid quickly realizes that Yor has been jealous all this time and she holds romantic feelings for him. He takes advantage of the situation, attempting a honey trap on Yor using his Twilight charm on her.

However, Yor kicks Loid because she was surprised (and embarrassed) by his sudden advances

Loid tried to act unaffected by Yor’s kick but he starts to wobble really bad after. 😆 He takes Yor’s gesture as a sign of rejection and he now belies that she doesn’t have any romantic feeling for him. Then Yor starts apologizing but Loid begins feeling dizzy and ends up fainting. While unconscious, he hears a lullaby his mother sang to him when he was young. When he wakes up, he finds himself resting his head on Yor’s lap. Loid assures Yor she is an incredible mother and has no intention to replace her, making Yor cry tears of joy.

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SPY×FAMILY (Part 2) (Episode 11)

Loid and Fiona have won the tennis tournament! Campbell’s children threw everything they had on them, including snipers that were shooting rubber bullets at them. Crazy! But the spy pair was quick to adapt to all their tricks! Not only that, but they even started using some of them against the siblings! In the end, Loid and Fiona have successfully managed to overcome all the obstacles together, but was the effort really worth it? Spoiler alert: No, it wasn’t! 😆

The Lady in the Sun painting looked really pretty

After winning the final game, Loid and Fiona go through a catalogue filled with all the art from Campbell’s collection. Fiona picks Lady in the Sun, but Campbell tells them he cannot give the painting to them. The spy duo soon realize that the SSS have also found out about the secret message in the painting and they were probably on their way to pick it up. After that, Loid and Fiona secretly switch the painting with a fake. And just like that: Mission complete!

Later that day, drama unfolds between Fiona and Yor

As Fiona sends Loid home, they encounter Yor and Anya, playing tennis in the park. Fiona takes this opportunity to challenge Yor in a tennis match to prove she is better than her and that she deserves to be Loid’s fake wife. This girl just doesn’t give up, does she? 😆 However, Yor is just too strong. I loved the over the top animation here, it made the whole situation ever more dramatic! Poor Fiona! As if she’d stand a chance against Yor’s superhuman strength and speed.

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SPY×FAMILY (Part 2) (Episode 10)

Loid and Fiona are working on a mission together! They’re after a painting called Lady In The Sun which is rumored to contain information about a military dossier that could potentially incite a war if it were to be leaked. The painting is currently in the possession of a man named Cavi Campbell who is a world-renowned art collector. Fiona’s plan is to participate with Loid in one of Campbell’s underground tennis tournaments and win. Why? Because the winning pair gets to take an item of their choice from Campbell’s collection.

Before the tournament, Loid had practiced tennis with Anya and Yor. So cute!

Now Loid and Fiona have to play the role of a “Phony” married couple and take down all their opponents! Their first victims are Walson and Bobble, a famous retired tennis duo who dominated the Grand Slam Circuit many years ago. However, they stand no chance against Loid and Fiona. Because just one compliment from Loid was enough to turn Fiona into a madwoman whose only goal is to take down all their opponents (no matter how good they were). Fiona really wants to show off her tennis skills to Loid and win his heart!

A sneak peak into Fiona’s fantasies

Their next opponents were the Bolic Brothers. However, before their game with Loid and Fiona, they take a trial version of a doping agent called “OSO-R” and they turn into two Hulk-like men with lots of muscles! Some may say that’s cheating but anything goes when you’re participating in an underground tennis tournament! However, when the Bolic brothers dared to insult Loid, Fiona went crazy again, ending the match completely dominating the muscle boys! 😅

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SPY×FAMILY (Part 2) (Episode 09)

It looks like Yor has a new rival! Her name is Fiona Frost and she is one of WISE’s agents that goes by the codename “Nightfall”. Everyone believes she is an emotionless and ruthless person but they couldn’t be more wrong. Fiona actually has a big secret: she has a huge crush on agent Twilight! She believes she could have done more for Operation Strix and thinks of herself as the superior partner to Loid. They say “all is fair in love and war” and Fiona’s actions are no exception:

Fiona is interrogating Yor and is trying really hard to make her feel insecure

Fiona wants to make Yor abandon the role of Loid’s wife as soon as possible. She keeps planting some awful ideas in her head like Loid frequently complaining about Yor at work? And at this point, Fiona’s nothing more than the female version of Yuri. Boring! 😒 Not only that but I’m willing to bet that Fiona and Yuri will become a couple by the end of the series. It’s so predictable! Anyway, back to episode 9:

Loid arrives home and starts engaging in a code-like conversation with Fiona

Fiona tells Loid that he needs to review his tactics regarding Operation Strix because of the lack of progress but Loid tells her to not interfere. And thanks to Anya’s power, we get to see glimpses of Fiona’s fantasies, I mean thoughts. 😅 When I said Fiona is the female version of Yuri, I wasn’t exaggerating. Her infatuation with Loid actually made Anya speechless. And I don’t blame her. 😆 Here are some example:

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